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gillette-burns co. 322 gleenwood street gleveland 5,ohio glentlemen: thank you for your order no,464 of 20 september. the models you selected from our showroom went out today under my personal supervision.the package is being airfreghted to you on swissair.the relevant documentation is enclosce.i enjoyed meeting yiu and hope that this order represents the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship between oiur companies. the next time you visit us ,please let me know in advance so that i can arrange a luch for you with our derectors. sincerely yours

谢谢9月20日第464号定单。今天我已新自监督发送您自展览室挑选的产品。该产品随附有关文件经瑞士航空公司运送。 很荣幸与你会面,衷心希望是次定单能加强双方的关系。下次到访前,烦请赐知,俾能安排与本公司董事共进午餐。


i enclose an illustrated supplement toour catalogue. it covers the latest designs which are now available from stock. we are most gratified that you have, for several yeas. include a selection of our products in your mail-order catalogues. the resulting sales have been very steady. we believe that you will find our new designs most attractive. theyshould get a very good reception in your market. once you have had time to study the upplement , please let us know if you would like to take the matter further. we would be very happy to send samples to you for closer inspection. for your information, we are planning a range of classical english dinner services which ,should do well in the north american market. we will keep you informed on our progress and look forward to hearingfrom you.

随函寄奉配有插图的商品目录附页,介绍最新设计的产品。贵公司的邮购目录多年来收录本公司产品,产品销售成绩理想,特此致以深切谢意。最新设计的产品巧夺天工,定能吸引顾客选购。烦请参阅上述附页,需查看样本,请赐复,本公司乐意交劳。 本公司现正设计一系列款式古典的英国餐具,适合北美市场需求。如感兴趣,亦请赐知。 愿进一步加强联系,并候复音。

12. 为商贸指南兜揽广告

thank you for your business. you arecurrently represented in our directory. this is the only directory of its kind which reaches all companies in the building and construction industry in the uk. advertising in our directory was a wise move on your part. we are currently compiling a new edition of the directory which willbe published in april 1995.the new edition will be expanded to include major manufacturers of plumbing equipment in the european community. for proper coverage in the directory, you ought to appear in more than one category. if you do opt for a multiple listing, you will be ableto buy space in additional categories at half price. you can be assured that the new edition will be on the desks of allthe major decision makers in the building and hardware trades. please complete the enclosed form and return it with the appropriate fee. thanks again for your business.

衷心感谢惠顾。贵公司商号已刊登在本公司的商贸指南中。该指南乃唯一覆盖英国全部建筑公司的刊物,在此刊登广告确是明智之举。 现下筹备1998年4月版 的贸易批南,新版会罗列欧洲贡同体的主要铅管业制造商。为达到出色的宣传效果,贵公司宜考虑在不同类别刊登广告。如蒙惠顾,除首个广告外,其余类别的广告将可获半价优惠。 该指南将分送给所有建筑公司和五金器具公司主管。烦表填妥随附表格,连同广告费用一并寄回。 专此盼候佳音。

13. 请求客户作推荐人

thank you for your letter of 2 november. we are delighted to hear that you are to pleased with the refurbishment of your hotel. as your know .in our line of work, we depend on good ,reports of our projects to win further business. our clients always shop around and look for references before committing themselves. with your permission, we would like to use your hotel as a reference when we discuss similar refurbishments in the hotel industry . would you agree to our suggesting that future clients should call you? it would also be most helpful if we could occasionally bring a client to look at your hotel . we would , of course , stay overnight at least.ill call you next week to hear your reaction. thanks again for you kind words.

14. 通知客户价格调整

we enclose our new catalogue and price list. the revised prices will apply from 1 april 1997. you will see that there have been number of changes in our product range. a number of improved models have been introduced. out range of washing machines has been completely revamped. many popular lines, however, have been retained unchanged. you will be aware that inflation is affecting industry as a whole .ws have been affected like everyone else and some price increases havebeen unavoidable. we have not, however, increased our prices across the board, in many cases, there is a small price increase, but in others, none at all. we can assure you that the quality of our consumer durables has been maintained at a high standard and that our service will continueto be first class. we look forward to receiving your orders.

谨谢上新的商品目录和价格表。修订价格定于1997年4月1日起生效。产品系列有一大革新,增加了不少改良的型号,扒出一系列新款的洗衣机,但许多款的开动号仍保持不变。通货膨胀影响整个工业连带令货品价格上涨。虽然如此,本公司并未全面提升价格,调整幅度亦不大。 本公司坚守一贯信念,务求出产优质之耐用消费品,迎合顾客的需要。 谢谢贵公司多年惠顾,盼继续合作。

15. 说明价格调整原因

i enclose our new price list , which will come into effect ,from the end of this month. you will see that we have increased our prices on most models. we have ,however , refrained from doing so on some models of which we hold large stocks. we feel we should explain why we have increased our prices. we are paying 10% more for our raw materials than we were paying last year. some of our subcontractors have raised their by as much as 15%. as you know , we take great pride in our machines and are jealous of the reputation for quality and dependability which we have achieved over the last 40 years. we will not compromise that reputation because of rising costs. we hope, therefore decided to raise the price of some of our machines. we hope you will understand our position and look forward to your orders.

现谨附上本公司新价格表,新价格将于本月底生效。除了存货充裕的商品外,其余大部分货品均已调升价格。是次调整原因是原材料价格升幅上涨10%□,一些承包商的价格调升到15%。 过去40年,本公司生产的机器品质优良、性能可靠。今为确保产品质量,唯有稍为调整价格。上述情况,还望考虑。愿能与贵公司保持紧密合作。